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Flexible capital to middle market and emerging businesses.

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Welcome to HighBank Capital Partners

What we know to be true will not change and will be the source of growth and value; what we believe to be true today will change tomorrow and will require constant and thorough analysis. Thankfully, that is one of our greatest strengths…

HighBank Capital Partners was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 2010 to provide opportunistic and flexible capital to emerging and lower middle market businesses. HighBank was formed with the knowledge that many private companies no longer have access to credit or investment capital, which significantly impacts their ability to grow and plan for the future. We differentiate ourselves in three important ways:

  • Flexibility
  • Experience
  • Transparency

At HighBank, we provide capital that matches the objectives and needs of a Company. We are open to providing solutions across the entire capital structure from senior debt to common equity depending on what best fits the needs and objectives of each situation. This flexibility is attractive to companies in need of capital. We often partner with lead investors in a co-investment role. Finally, we are flexible from an industry perspective, with a high level of interest in healthcare and devices, energy and infrastructure and technology and outsourced services.

Our Investments*:


*Investments by HighBank Capital Partners or affiliates

The three founders of HighBank have over 75 years combined experience across a broad range of industries, functions (including investment banking, legal, and corporate), transaction structures, and geographies. Our founders also have a lengthy list of high level contacts and relationships with some of the largest corporate and private equity firms worldwide.

Our mantra is transparency. What you see is what you get. There are no hidden agendas and we don't re-trade terms. If we commit, we deliver.

We believe it's time for higher standards and results. Don't you?

Welcome to HighBank

Separating Knowledge from Beliefs