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Special Situations

At HighBank, we recognize that the only thing “special” about being labeled a distressed or troubled company is the level of advice and consultation needed to emerge from the rigors of the restructuring process. We assist our clients both in and out of bankruptcy by assessing and providing recommended solutions to the unique challenges being faced. Our approach is not only more insightful, but is intellectually honest in its foundations and assumptions and incorporates four key elements:

  • Current liquidity/financial position
  • Current and near-term business operating environment and its impact on financial condition
  • Anticipated future strategic position, based on industry, competitor, secular and structural trends
  • Restructuring and/or transactional options available

We provide a broad range of restructuring services, including:

  • Chapter 11 restructurings
  • Out-of-court work-outs
  • Equity or distressed debt recapitalizations
  • Debtor-in-Possession financings
  • Strategic alternatives analysis
  • Liquidity/cash management planning
  • Alternative financings

There is nothing special about being in distress or troubled — except the approach you need.