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Board Advisory

Boards and their directors require real world and real time information to make the most informed decisions possible in governing their companies. Most board decisions can be broken down into two general areas:

  • Strategic
  • Transactional/Tactical


Too often, boards are time consumed with the current quarter's financial results, compensation planning, audit, risk and compliance matters. Although each of these areas is of critical importance, there is nothing more vital than the future and how well or poorly a business is strategically positioned for it.

In order to answer that question, we evaluate a business from the top down, not the bottom up. We de-emphasize the focus on tactical initiatives, functional disciplines and corporate reporting while centering our assessment and recommendations on:

  • Industry position and competition
  • Predictable secular impacts and challenges
  • Structural impediments to growth and value enhancement
  • Anticipated cyclical impacts
  • Organizational leadership


Boards also often need assistance in evaluating a specific transaction being contemplated or a specific tactical initiative being implemented. Although a specific transaction or tactical initiative won't answer the question regarding future strategic business positioning, an otherwise well positioned business can quickly become less so with an ill-advised or timed transaction or tactical move. In this regard, our advice is often sought out in the following areas:

  • Evaluating the merits of alternative transaction options, including acquisitions and alliances
  • Analyzing, testing and concluding on the anticipated synergies forecasted as part of a proposed or pending transaction
  • Evaluating or developing business or investment plans

Whether your need is strategic or transactional, our approach creates and enhances shareholder value.